Nature has been a huge influence in literature starting in the late 1700’s with the introduction of the romantic era. As years went on, more eras were introduced such as realism, naturalism and modernism. Authors from various countries used these eras as influences for their writing with nature being a symbolic tool to express a feeling or a hidden meaning behind what was written. For example Nathanial Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. Throughout the span of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries nature has been a key symbolic feature for many American and British authors. However, many people think that nature is used as an influence sporadically throughout literature from the late 1700’s to present day. By counting the frequencies of various nature related influences in a corpus of English novels and poems, we can see that the use of nature and nature’s artifacts gradually decline within literature over the years. This is important because it shows that influences within literature change as society continually develops.  

Section 1: Romantic era within England and America. What were its influencers some popular books or poems trending at the time and what nature symbolism they used. Discuss Hawthorne’s scarlet letter and Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey.

Section 2: discuss the fall of the use of nature, ideas weren’t that romantic anymore, more concerned about industrialization and the ruining of society and nature because of this. Discuss popular realism pieces one book and one poem maybe Darwin? Or the Bullfinches poem?

Section 3: Nature not as popular during modernism, inform readers of what this time period consisted of, who was the popular authors of the time and what they were influenced by. Bleed into post modernism and how that’s still in effect today (kind of), Harry Potter and the Twilight series maybe comparted to the scarlet letter and how the use of nature has definitely declined within literature compared to the romantic period.

End with conclusion wrapping up my findings and the key points as to how the use of nature has declined over the centuries compared to the late 1700’s.  

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