My document that I chose, is a poem called The Bullfinches by Thomas Hardy. This poem is an example of nature within literature in the 19th century. The poem was written from the point of view of a bullfinch, discussing his view on mother nature’s ways.  The poem’s format is divided into stanzas and in each stanza the bullfinch is discussing his different views on mother nature with the other bullfinches.

Each stanza contains five lines which contain each different topic that the bullfinch discusses relating to nature. In my XML I began the stanza with a paragraph code <p> and then separated each line with line break codes <l> and </l>. After the fifth line I ended the stanza with the paragraph break code </p>. By doing this I was able to show the line and stanza breaks which are crucial to the way that the poem functions.

My poem did have an exclamation point and a couple en dashes after some words, so I included those in there as well before I closed out the line with the correct short code (</p>). There weren’t many other special features besides that. I only needed to include the small punctuation marks within the sentences, nothing dealing with the short code aspect of this project. So I didn’t end up using many different short codes. I did however include within my title the short codes for bold font which are <b> and </b>.  

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