This website was created to help users gain a better understanding of James Blue’s documentary The March. David Frank, the creator of this website, answered various questions throughout the site such as: what led up to the making of Blue’s film, what events occurred during the March on Washington, what did the March on Washington contribute to and how did people respond to the film? The primary sources that were used in the creation of this website were collaborated between the University of Oregon Libraries and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. Furthermore, the domain of this website is University of Oregon and some of the tools that were used to create the website were WordPress and ThemeGrill. Vimeo was also used as a tool to share a couple informative interviews with scholars on subjects pertaining to the March and James Blue.

The information throughout the website is presented in an organized manner. The creator made five pages on the homepage menu bar to help users easily navigate through the site. The homepage displays three themes contained in individual squares, that lead users to separate pages with each one describing the basic information of the main topics of the website. The website also displays the documentary, The March, on the homepage for users to watch as well as a menu containing more informative and descriptive pages within the website.  I like that the website contains a menu on the homepage that leads to more information about the main topics. When visiting these various pages, I noticed that some pages were longer than others, so the creator made a menu at the top of the page for users to simply click on each subject for a quick navigation through the page. I also noticed that the pages which used this navigation system contained a link under each subject displayed on the page that users could click on which guided them back to the top of the page. After seeing this feature, I would like to use these “easy navigation” tools within my website depending on the amount of information that I use for each page I create.

I think that the site is well designed. At first glance the site is aesthetically pleasing with a minimal color scheme relating to the theme/topic of the site. One visual strategy that the creator used in this website was the different use of typefaces. Within the menu sections of the website and the name of the website itself, the creator used sans serif. However, in the text portion of the website the creator used serif. I think that using two different typefaces within a website could work but I did not find these two typefaces to work very well together; they weren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the color choice. Despite the visual sore of the text, I enjoyed the other elements of the website. I found that the shapes and their relationship to one another worked well and the photos and videos throughout the site were placed evenly, which made the site look organized and professional. Furthermore, upon analyzing the information within the text I found it to be an easy and interesting read. I think that the description on the homepage thoroughly summed up the website’s intentions and each consecutive page was written with enough detail needed to inform the reader.

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