How popular is nature within the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries?

I am interested in looking at the use of nature within literature from different centuries. I would like to count the amount of times nature is referred to within the popular artifacts of literature throughout each century. Upon studying works of literature within the Victorian era, I would like to find out whether the use of nature died down over time, stayed at a steady rate or possibly inclined. I could also measure, by looking at each century, what the most popular form of nature is whether it be the form of water, plants, sun, etc. I would then like to look at why (if so) each century uses a different form of nature; perhaps there was something newly discovered about the popular form used, which inevitably led to many authors in cooperating that form within their work. I could also compare the use of nature between works of literature from different countries and how each country uses elements of nature within their works.

How has the popularity of astrology grown over the years?

I would like to look at how much astrology has grown in popularity over the timespan of the 20th and 21st century. I could look at the industry of astrology and how much it has grown in education and the work feild over time. I would like to look at what astrological signs believe in astrology and horoscopes compared to other signs that are more skeptical. I could find out among the signs that believe, what their characteristics are and why they might believe in astrology more than the other signs. I would like to also look into the market of astrology and see if it has grown over the years regarding book sales or apparel with the different astrology signs on them. I could also look into what sign is more popular in the sales market as well.

How much as social media grown since myspace?

I would like to look at how social media has grown over the years and at what rate it has grown. I want to know who uses social media the most and what the age range of these people are. I’m interested in finding out the popularity of each social media site and whether the popularity has increased or decreased over the years. I would also like to know why they use social media, whether it’s for entertainment, sales, etc. I am also interested in looking at the psychological effects that social media has on its users as well. I am curious to see if depression or anxiety is linked to the use of social media and how it might be linked.

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