After viewing the Injury Report website and reading the paper, I have come to find that the main topic of discussion is the awareness of concussions and the severity of CTE within the NFL. After reading the paper I have come to find that the creator of the website is arguing that although the amount of concussions have slightly gone down over the years, the severity and spread of CTE may never stop within the NFL due to the popularity of the sport.  

The paper uses materials from the website’s gallery as artifacts to provide readers with examples of what is being discussed within the piece. The creator of this particular website used a chart to show the amount of concussions that have occurred within the NFL through out each year. The other artifact that is used within the paper is a letter that a former high school football player left his family before he committed suicide. This was used to show the severity of CTE and what the disease causes football players to do to themselves.

The paper uses the data visualization of the chart displaying the amount of concussions each year within the NFL to show readers the rise and decline of concussions throughout the years. Before the data visualization appeared in the paper, the creator discussed how the amount of concussions are severe within the NFL and because of the severity, the NFL has tried to make progress towards decreasing the amount of concussions per year. By displaying the chart, readers can see what the creator was mentioning within the paper and see for themselves how many concussions were reported within the NFL throughout the years.

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