The video I chose, introduces viewers to different types of influences that shaped literature within the 20th century such as World War 1. The video discusses how these significant impacts within the 20th century influence changes within literature from previous romanticism ideas. Upon researching different videos, I decided that I wanted a video that was similar to my romanticism video. I wanted the video to explain to viewers, the influences that the 20th century had on literature. I consequently ended up finding this video on YouTube through searching “20th century literature.”

I ended up breaking this video into different “chapters,” based on the important influences that I thought shaped 20th century literature best. I broke the video down into six chapters. The first chapter described the industrialization within the 20th century, which had a large impact on authors during this time period. The second and third chapters broke off into “modern death and destruction” and “new modes of storytelling” which discussed the influence that war had on authors within this time period and introduced readers to the idea of different types of storytelling that came about during this time period such as the comic. The fourth chapter discussed reform movements and how different rights that came to surface during this time period influenced writers. The fifth chapter introduced viewers to the idea of elusive thinking that was used in some works of literature and the final sixth chapter discussed new thinkers who introduced new ideas to this time period.

I chose tags based on the different chapter topics within my chosen video. I chose the most relatable tags from the library of congress that suited each chapter best.

Now that we are about four weeks into the project, I feel a little better about my topic. In the beginning I thought it was just an overwhelming topic and I had no idea where to begin. Now that I have found some artifacts, I am able to get a sense of what my overall project will look like by the end of the semester.

In a perfect world, if I had unlimited time, I would like to include a list of famous authors from each century and their most famous pieces during that time period. I would then like to look at what reference to nature they used within their piece and measure whether nature has declined or increased from the romantic period. However, if I had unlimited time and could start this project over, I would take more time to think of a research question that had to do with Norway which was my original plan but I couldn’t come up with anything before the deadline, so I decided to go with this topic instead.

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