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Very Rough Draft of Intro and Outline for Final Paper

Nature has been a huge influence in literature starting in the late 1700’s with the introduction of the romantic era. As years went on, more eras were introduced such as realism, naturalism and modernism. Authors from various countries used these eras as influences for their writing with nature being a symbolic tool to express a …

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Indexing 20th Century Literature

The video I chose, introduces viewers to different types of influences that shaped literature within the 20th century such as World War 1. The video discusses how these significant impacts within the 20th century influence changes within literature from previous romanticism ideas. Upon researching different videos, I decided that I wanted a video that was …

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Dublin Core Metadata

Feild Value Identifier Title Nature in American Literature Creator Norman Foerster n50003609 Date February 1923 Description The introduction informs readers of the famous authors of the American 20th-century and their unique incorperation and use of nature within their works. Coverage New York 7007563 Format PDF RFC8118 Language English eng Type Text Subject American Prose Literature-20th …

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Scholarly Article: The Gender of Ice and Snow

Chartier, Daniel. “The Gender of Ice and Snow.” Journal Of Northern Studies, no. 2, 2008, pp. 29–49. The article’s argument is that through studying the North and Arctic areas as personified beings in novels, narratives and poetry written by French authors as well as some world literature authors, the author has come to the conclusion …